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View a comprehensive listing of in-depth guide selections to help login, create accounts, apply for rebates and much more. My list of my is a genuine guide to those looking to get the most out of services offered through companies, franchises, restaurants and retail stores both online and brick-and-mortar.

With the wide array of categories ranging from online surveys to financial, jobs, entertainment and travel there is something for everyone. Contact information, rules and regulations as well as step-by-step guidance is available through each article at Share your thoughts with other individuals using the comment section to leave remarks, comments, questions and concerns regarding a specific topic on any article.


If you’re looking to apply for rebates or complete surveys, my list of my breaks down step-by-step guidelines to show you how you can create your own personal account for many different online services. Do not get stumped, or stuck trying to figure out how to navigate a website on your own when customer service is not available. Use the distinct how to guide to help walk you through how you can get the most out of every website that is listed. Additionally if you want to make your voice heard for surveys and feedback, you can get instructions and assistance for that on

Articles are constantly being added, and updated. If you are ever stuck or stumped on any particular service provided by a website or a company, use the search function located in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage at Learn how you can create your own personal accounts, apply for rebates, apply for jobs, or get great deals in the entertainment, technology or travel industry. If you need any help regarding the services provided contact the websites author whose name is Claire, her email address is – My Life Touch Photos


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